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Marijuana Laws

Marijuana laws different in every state. It is important to be aware of the subtle differences; this page will provide you with an overview of the current marijuana laws. Buying, selling, using or growing marijuana is illegal in every part of the United States. Penalties vary from place to place, but usually consist of jail time, a fine or both. In some states, you can be arrested for just being in a place where you know drug activity is taking place. The severity of the penalty varies on several factors:

  • Quantity - Penalties vary based on the amount of marijuana found in the person's possession.
  • Selling - Penalties are more severe for those intending to sell.
  • Growing - Penalties are also more severe for those cultivating cannabis.
  • Location - A person arrested for selling marijuana near a school will often face harsher penalties.

Jail sentences and fines have done little to suppress the use of marijuana in the United States. Despite the health and legal risks that come with using marijuana (or any illicit drug), it continues to be the illegal drug of choice for many Americans, as it has for decades.

If you're caught with marijuana, you could receive a large fine and/or go to jail. If you are caught more than once, or if you look like you're going to sell the drug, the punishment is harsher. Marijuana laws vary from state to state. However, keep in mind that carrying marijuana around is illegal in all 50 states, and that the laws in some foreign countries are even stricter than they are here.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

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