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Marijuana Chemistry:

Like most plants, Cannabis contains many substances, perhaps two hundred or more. Those that relate most to the drug effects are a group of chemically similar compounds called cannabinoids. Of these, the most important and plentiful are cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabinol (CBN). The biosynthetic pathway in the plant (that is, the step-by-step sequence in which the plant produces substances) goes from CBD to THC to CBN. Thus it is possible to identify the maturity of the plant by the relative content of these three cannabinoids. Immature plants show a preponderance of CBD; old plants may contain solely CBN; plants that are at their peak contain all cannabinoids, but mostly THC, which is the agent that produces the mind-altering effect. Some strains of plants contain variants on the THC structure, which usually have somewhat less drug effect than those with THC. Although some users contend that marijuana has different effects from those of isolated THC, most evidence indicates that virtually all of the mind-altering effects of marijuana are attributable to the THC content.

The THC content may vary greatly, depending on the genetic strain of the plant, the part of the plant involved (for example, the leaves or the flowers), and the maturity of the plant. The THC content of plants used for hemp production, such as those that grow wild in the U.S. Midwest, may be negligible to zero; marijuana produced from plants known for high drug content, such as sensemilla, may contain 2 to 3 percent THC. Manicured plants, from which the leaves are carefully separated and only the new leaves used for drug effect, may contain 3 to 4 percent THC. Hashish, which represents the ultimate in manicuring, generally contains 4 to 8 percent THC.

THC is sensitive to exposure to air and light. Thus, marijuana that is not protected from such exposure undergoes gradual degradation until the drug content is gone. When protected from air and light, marijuana may retain its activity for many months.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

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